Canadian Payments Succumb to COVID-19

– New opportunities emerge through the turmoil of the pandemic – The number of consumer payment transactions in Canada is expected to be 1.7 billion lower than in 2019, a decline of 8.1% over the year, according to the recently released Canadian Payments Forecast, 2020, published by Technology Strategies International... Read more →

Mobile Payments Innovation – An Agent-Based Model

Companies succeed or fail based on their ability to innovate. Over the last century we have seen how rapid changes in technology can alter the economic landscape dramatically – and increasingly quickly. One of the challenges that businesses face is understanding which factors influence the uptake of innovations and how... Read more →

Elements of a Bitcoin Transaction - Infographic and Explanation

The infographic below shows the key elements of a bitcoin transaction, from origination to appending a new block to the blockchain. For more information about the report quoted in this post please visit: The following points provide important context for the transaction process: The System Bitcoin is an open... Read more →

Debit Trumps Cash in Canada

– Cash's share of personal expenditure transactions dips below 30% – The number of consumer debit card payment transactions in Canada exceeded the number of cash payment transactions for the first time in 2016, according to TSI's 2017 Canadian Payments Forecast report. The number of consumer debit card payment transactions... Read more →